Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

Your child is a very special individual who needs a happy,secure and challenging environment in which to grow.A child’s natural curiosity to explore his/her world gives teachers the basis on which to build learning experiences that will provide a solid foundation for the years to come.
This is the dream that we at DELHI WORLD PUBLIC SCHOOL,PATNA have for our students. We want to prepare them so that they can face challenges with aplomb and accept success with humility. We want them to experience the real joy of living,not just obtain a vicarious knowledge of it through books. We want them to be known as honourable players and not just winners, as wise and not just intelligent, as understanding and not just knowledgeable, as kind and compassionate and not just friendly.
Life at DWPS is an exciting journey which begins when children enter its portals and step into the intricate domain of the scholar. Along with mastery of the various areas of academics, we encourage them to enjoy and excel in sports and other co-curricular activities. They are guided to learn the art of governance by organizing events and donning the mantle of student leaders. They are taught to be independent in thought, but to act within the framework of decorum and respect for others.
We applaud those high achievers who bring fame to the school with their achievements in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. But it is those students who embody the values of selflessness, tolerance, honesty and integrity who are remembered much after they have left school and who leave an indelible imprint in the annals of the history of the school for they have chosen a far more arduous path to follow; one of self-discipline, which is replete with principles an ordinary person may find difficult to follow. This is who a true dipsite is: A student who has the ability to triumph in any field he chooses and whose exemplary values place him far above the others in his area of expertise. It matters that the students of our school become trailblazers and that our students bring laurels to the school, but what matters more is that they be good human beings.
I conclude with a message for my students: Whatever is done must be done with passion for only in that lies perfection. Never let fear or embarrassment keep you from participating in activities that interest you for it is only in school that you can actually discover your hidden talents and find the real you. The deepest regret in life is always for not doing what you wanted to. Let that not become a part of you. Also never betray the trust of someone for that is the most fragile and precious bond of all. Once broken, it can never be salvaged. Above all, never get so involved in what you are doing that you forget to enjoy yourselves. The secret of your success lies in your own happiness and wellbeing.
We would also like to create challenging and stimulating environment for our faculty where learning would be an ongoing process for the cause of development of learning community and knowledge society.
The management of the school is committed to quality school governance and keen to see the continual growth of the institution. We are looking forward for sustained cooperation from all our stakeholders.
The pursuit of academic excellence would continue with continual growth and improvement through constant supervision and monitoring of the processes, practices, performance to be quantified by results. Let us evolve and establish institutional culture and ethos by introducing best practices in our school. I call upon our faculty to rededicate their services with focused zeal for realization of institutional objectives with team spirit and synergy.



Principal, Delhi World Public School School, Patna